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Run by Ian Wolstenholme, a keen BBC Micro enthusiast, lots of useful information and photos, includes Domesday and Econet information. [VISIT]

Run by Jonathan Graham Harston, offers a comprehensive collection of software and documentation covering such subjects as BBCs, Econet and networking, SJ Research Fileservers, Z80, 6502, ARM and PDP-11 code, C programming, Co-processors and Tube systems, Harston Advanced Disk Filing System, BBC Public Domain, CP/M. [VISIT]

Run by Neil Fazakerley, specialises in the experimental and control capabilities of Acorn's 8-bit micros, plus related hardware, software and documentation. [VISIT]

BBC and Electron games with lots of downloads of practically every game ever written for the 8 bit Acorn micros. [VISIT]

Run by Mark Usher, the site contains a large collection of Acorn manuals available to download as scanned images or formatted text documents. [VISIT]

Run by Robert Schmidt, a huge collection of BBC Micro games, software, documents and other related information. [VISIT]


Unix version of the popular BeebEM, BBC Micro emulator maintained by David Eggleston. [VISIT]

Apple Mac OSX varsion of BeebEM by Jon Welch. An excelent veriosn that incudes QuickTime movie recording and emulation of the Acorn Teletext Adapter. [VISIT]
Windows version of BeebEm maintained by Mike Wyatt. BeebEm is a BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator. It enables you to run BBC Micro software on your PC. [VISIT]


Run by Martijn van der HeideLarge, A large collection of information software and documentation relating to the sinclair spectrum. [VISIT]

Run by Chris Owen, Planet Sinclair gives a good history of Sir Clive Sinclair and the products his companies have produced. [VISIT]