Modifications and Upgrades

There is a vibrant community of Microcomputer enthusiasts that have created their own modifications and upgrades known as 'Mods'. Listed here are just a few of them, some are open designs with schematics and software source available where as others are closed proprietory.

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|Created May 2009 | | Issue 1.1 | | Last Update Sep 2009 |
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BBC Micro Mods

PC to BBC file transfer utility which converts disc and ROM images used with emulators from the internet into real discs or loads images into sideways RAM for use on a real BBC. Designed by Martin Barr (closed design)[MORE DETAILS]

ReCo6502 is a remake of the Acorn 6502 Second Processor with contemporary parts. In addition to offering backwards compatibility, it has the ability to run a modern (WDC manufactured) 65C02 or 65C816 at 14 MHz, and offers 512 KB of memory. Designed by John Kortink (closed design) [VISIT]

GoMMC is a flash based storage system for the BBC and Electron. It used a MMC (MultiMedia Card) to store all your files, it acts like a huge jukebox, containing hundreds or thousands of individual (floppy- or hard-) discs, which can be selected by name with a *-command, and then used just like standard floopy or hard drives. (includes slightly modified versions of the standard filing systems). Designed by John Kortink (closed design) [VISIT]

During the development of the original ARM microprocessor, the ARM1, a test system was created called The ARM Evaluation System which ran an enhanced version of BASIC with up to 4Mbyte of RAM. Very few were ever built, this board is a modern version of the coprocessor using an ARM7TDMI processor at 64MHz. Designed by Robert Sprowson(closed design)[VISIT]

This is a design for a replacement IDE interface that can be used with most IDE hard drives with ADFS and HADFS. [VISIT]

Suitable for BBC Model B or BBC Master 128 provides up to 512MB of flash based storage using a Compact Flash card instead of an old style spinning platter drive. (closed design) [VISIT]

5-in-1 expansion board including USB connectivity, IDE Interface and RAM Disc. (closed design) [VISIT]

A clone of the Acorn Econet Module, suitable for the BBC Master 128, Master Compact, Acorn FileStore. Can also be used in most of the 32-bit Acorn range. [VISIT]

The Master 10/100 net module allows the BBC Master series to be retrospectively upgraded to communicate with an Ethernet network, sharing peripherals and information with other personal computers. Designed by Robert Sprowson (closed design)[VISIT]