Domesday Project Video Filing System. VFS ROM

A special read-only version of the BBC ADFS (advanced disc filing system) was developed to drive the internal SCSI Interface & LV-ROM player. Called VFS (Videodisc Filing System), it is used to access the data stored on the videodisc. As a relatively small number of AIV systems were produced the VFS was supplied on an EPROM.

The data stored on the laserdiscs appears on the SCSI bus, the LV-ROM player appears as a very large, and very slow, read-only hard disc. Control of the player is also carried out over the SCSI connection using VFS.

The only official release of VFS is 1.70. VFS introduces a new set of commands especially for read only laserdisc media such as *AUDIO, *CHAPTER, *PLAY, *STEP.

In addition to the VFS the supplied ROM also includes the software to control a tracker ball or mouse attached to the user port.